Look What The Cat Dragged Out

I did me some balcony sitting today. Some feet up reading and munching on miniature chocolate bars. Some watching the leaves fall and the neighbourhood enjoy the sunshine.


What a strangely warm day for a November in Ontario! There I was, all over dressed in socks and a fleece blanket, becoming one with the winds and leaf song, immersed in a book I’ve only read once before. Happily and strangely enough, becoming a landing strip for the flocks of lady bugs that seem to be out celebrating the unusually warm autumn weather as well. Sounds lovely, right?

This was the recruit, sent in for recon… the next one landed In my bra. Who are you calling a Lady!

I wonder if all the balconies are a pit stop for these fluttering and surprisingly sharp as they brush past your face…spotted and so called Ladies! Could they be a sign? Some sort of kitchen witches familiar? Or just enthusiastic bug life here to drive Kissa the Kitty Cat mad I wonder?!

Even got out for a brief walk later on, once I had picked up the Lively One from his reading and home work club. Bringing his scooter is a great idea, he can zip around and I can stare at leaf patterns.

P1140661 P1140671

Oh! And we stopped by the pool to see what was happening there since we abandoned it to become a massive petri dish… Looks like it has some new inhabitants. I wonder if they noticed the No Diving sign!

P1140684 P1140683

Coyly pretending not to notice all the duck life floating just out of reach. I wonder if She knows about the No Diving sign?!

I might even go further tomorrow. I am still hoping to capture a leaf on film, as it falls, naturally. Because tossing a handful of leaves in the air and then trying to get a picture of them as they fall… not working out so well! Entertaining for the neighbourhood as per usual though. Looks like tomorrow will be another beauty of a day! It was fun to have me and my camera out and about, despite various body complaints. But I couldn’t really concentrate on the things worth zooming in on, when I was so properly distracted by the zooming about thing… Anyway I did have a good day today, nice and lazy with sides of slightly productive. A good Monday really. Except that it was Tuesday.


6 thoughts on “Look What The Cat Dragged Out

  1. Looks like a nice leisurely afternoon!!! Jealous! Those darn lady bug frauds….they used to crash my bedroom closet window. I’d have like 50 of them there!!!! I’d wake up to them crawling on my face! Yuck!


      1. Except…depending on where you are….the Orange-yellow “ladybugs” aren’t really the real ladybugs. They are something else. I guess a beetle brought over from Japan. Can’t remember the real name. But….I’ve always heard of it references as the Japanese biting beetle. Yes…they do bite and I swear they dive bomb people too!!!!


      2. Uh huh! One flew down my shirt yesterday and bit my stomach. Nothing like a giant bite in your stomach in winter.


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