Lady Who Forgot to Fly Away Home

TheCat went on a murderous rampage last night, we can only assume, by the scattering of lady bug carcasses all over the living room carpet this morning! I think we have a bit of investigating to do. I hope one got out of whatever hole they were sneaking in through to warn the others to steer clear!

So the tasks of the morning including discarding bug bodies. We agreed that we should send them back outside, just in case there was any life left in them… So there I was, trying to gently lift their spotty little bodies up off the floor with a piece of paper, being Very Closely supervised by BoyChild. Too closely as it turned out. One clumsy and accidental flick of my wrist and I sent a dead lady bug flying. Right into his face! Thankfully he thought that was hilarious. Hilarious enough to tell every person we saw between our apartment door and his lineup at school all about it. Except he was enjoying telling the tale so much that he forgot to include the vital part of the story that informs people that it was an accident. Mum flicked a lady bug into my face this morning, followed by head thrown back laughter, is really a good way to get some looks at said Mum, on the school yard.

As for TheCat, she has been prowling around making strange noises all day. I think she was ‘saving them for later’?


2 thoughts on “Lady Who Forgot to Fly Away Home

  1. i have been bonding with the ladybugs on the balcony and discouraging them from coming home with me, Beware the Kissa 😀

    i wonder if i should tell him how guilty i felt when i dropped a raisin on his head when he was a mere 10 days old!

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