Making the Least of The Day

It is a gorgeous November Day. The kind of day that we are going to miss and dream about soon enough. I Should do something out of doors, Could go for a walk, take some pictures, really soak in that vitamin D like it is the last sunny day of the year. Because it might be?

but i have cramps and a pulled hamstring and i am over tired and don’t want to do anything but curl up and read Wicked again and drink tea and move an armchair onto the balcony for the day. At least I will get some fresh air and i told myself i am not allowed to turn the tv on for at least another hour. And there is hallowe’en candy to binge eat (for the sake of saving my son’s teeth… suuuuuure that’s it. also, thank you all hallows for happening just at the right time of the month.)

So too much information aside, should I be feeling guilty about this or just glad I have choices? Besides, it is early in the day and there are trees right there on the other side of the balcony railing. So I will take my camera with me. Good then!


2 thoughts on “Making the Least of The Day

  1. apparently i did πŸ˜€ a decisions to do as much of as little as possible :d
    today is Pouring rain. ive already come home from school drop off, soaked through on one side of my body, and am now deciding between camping out in my bedroom or on the balcony. one might involve more rain though πŸ˜€


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