Changing of the Times – Part II

Funny story,

Remember that whole rant about not being bothered to change my clocks, because it would be Sunday, and my high tech gadgets would change themselves? Welllllll so this morning we went out for coffee shop breakfast, because there was no coffee, or eggs, but mostly because there was no coffee, in the house. Nary a grind. Coffee and breakfast went off as planned. Elf boy made friends with an old man who offered to buy him breakfast next time we were there. And I had more than my fill off the good dark java stuffs.

Then we decided to go to the store, since we were out, and I refuse to let him fill his lunch box with hallowe’en haul.  The fact that it was Sunday morning, so stores don’t operate at every other day hours, didn’t cross my thought-asphere… and certainly not at all remembering that most of the country is running on a different time of day, apparently, than I, was soon made apparent as we arrived at the store to find a handful of hopeful souls waiting outside.

Didn’t take long for it all to become clear. Most of the Waiters Outsiders were there because they hadn’t thought that the stores might not open early enough. And there was me staring at my phone saying But But But It is already 10 to 10 in the morning! and then a big OooOOOooH Ya, Time Change. HA! I will blame the lack of coffee, but you and I know this isn’t true…

LIFE TIPS; It is ok to assume that your phone will change its own time over night, but you should give it a helping hand by turning it off and on again at some point after your most recent midnight hour. But this would require fore thought and recollection, so who am I kidding? At least leave yourself a sticky note… Maybe just hope that time changes always happen on a Sunday, And that you aren’t Too early for things. Even if you just want to go buy some bread and bananas…


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