Who is in charge of changing the clocks?!

I am pretty sure that most of the clocks in my life change themselves. They do that, you know. Phones and fancy technologies… So I am a bit afraid to go around changing clocks. I mean what if I change them, and then they change themselves again? How would I know what time it Really is?! This might be karmic retaliation for the year I never changed the clock in my son’s bedroom, so that he would stay in bed longer in the morning!

I might as well wait until tomorrow to figure out what is happening with the time of day. Make it a morning ritual. Or afternoon. Good thing time change happens for a Sunday this year! A Sunday that I happen to be off work, as well. So it doesn’t really matter much. Either way the only coffee left in the house is from trick or treating goodies in tiny chocolate bar form, and that is not going to cut it. So frankly I don’t care what time it says it is when I wake up in the morning, because we are going to have to go out for breakfast immediately upon my emergence from bedroom. No way I am going to make sense of the mess of the time keepers on a caffeine free brain!

And on that note, I could start contemplating sleep! The little trick or treater is long in dream land, which likely means a bright and early start to November.  So I will see you all soon, but don’t ask me for the time, else my head spin in several circles and coffee crisp come out of my nose.


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