Figured it Out He Did

As I was making dinner tonight, The Elf Boy suddenly said to me in a slightly strange sing song voice “and I know there is no Santa”… at which point I pretty much bolted to the bathroom to think. When I had composed myself, I asked him why he said such a thing, and we had a heart to heart over our breakfast for dinner, throughout which I let him in on the secret that parents basically lie to their children for at least the first 8 years of their life. As we came into this new reality together, it dawned on him that his Mother has stood in for many a mystical creature, which he informed me in similar words that he no longer believes in, including but not limited to The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and Mr and Mrs Claus. And then he had a giggle fit about flying reindeer with glowing faces. And I tried to explain to him the seriousness of the club he is now in. Of people who must do what they can to make sure that magic lives on in the hearts of the young, and the true believers. He has vowed not to spill the beans but wants to know if it is ok if he at least asks his friend’s little sisters if they actually believe in the tooth fairy. OH And where are all my teeth Mum?! 

He is a bit disappointed to hear that I do not own costumes for the many roles I have played, because he thinks it would be pretty hilarious to catch me hopping around the apartment tossing foil covered chocolate eggs on the floor, in a Bunny Suit.  He is also surprised at himself for not considering sooner how strange it is to believe that a bunny can get around to so many homes and poop out so much chocolate, all in one night. His words. He is still wrapping his head around these new concepts of reality, momentarily pondering if it is possible that it was me doing the work of these many seasonal super heroes, thinking that perhaps I am off gallivanting around the neighbourhood leaving presents for people in lieu of the likes of The Big Man and The Big Bunny. Did I in fact invent the Tooth Fairy?! And where do I get the money to buy all the teeth of all the kids in town?! (I have some reigning in to do…) And he thinks it is down right creepy to think that Santa can know what we are thinking about at all times. (Side Note, we have had conversations about other all seeing entities that people believe in, it is easier to explain about Santa though. But I love that we can talk about these things already!)

He is touched and relieved to know that I won’t be handing in my badges, that there will still be stockings to hang, and that the going rate for teeth is the same.   You parents should try this! Exposing our lies puts us into a whole new shelf of Good Books! WIN! 

What gets me is that this transition was just a moment of hilarity to him. I guess I assumed that he would be broken hearted over the broken promises of such realizations! But he is a great kid with a sweet funny little heart, and he just laughed at me for the whole thing. And then said Thank You. So apart from the need for a massive forehead bandage on occasion, I can say with full heart and great relief that I believe I am doing a good job! And I am blessed to have this child as my son!

At least there is still the spirit of the many seasons to explore and uphold! Happy Halloween Everybody! Stay Sacred and go find that Giant Pumpkin!


2 thoughts on “Figured it Out He Did

  1. Now comes the fun part of new twists and roles for holidays! He can get in on the inside gig and inner workings for some things for others. While I dread the day my kids tell me they are old enough to not believe in Santa….I also look forward to the new traditions we can make as a family!

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    1. I’m all for it! I think I would feel worse if he took it differently, but we can have fun with this. let him in on the magic making more. bigger boy gifts and such. and this wont stop me from using the season as a chance to spread the love around! or the chocolate 😀

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