Staying Above the Weather, not Under It

Today was full of memory making. Moments to treasure. To highlight in our mind when needed. Moments that stand out amongst the mess and puddles. Moments that I think we really, really needed. To put the stars back into our eyes and probably our hearts as well…


Moments like getting off the bus to find street names unsigned, and destinations unsure of. Moments like when the minute you get off the bus, and open your umbrella, wind tears through it, turning it inside out and 3 ways round. Moments when you have to look your son in the eyes and laugh hysterically along with him, and half of the people in transit at that stop light. Moments when you have to just shrug and hurry on your way. Even in your awkward between sizes rubber boots, kiddo! Because having a meltdown in the already melting atmosphere just isn’t an option, is what I told myself very sternly for a second or two there. So very good natured of us, don’t you think?

We got to the dental screening appointment, to find that the on call dentist wasn’t actually on call today. But the pain isn’t too bad, and we have another appointment and hopefully know to only eat on side of his mouth for the next 2 weeks. Jolly Good Show.

Aside from a blasted and busted up umbrella, and a brief sore stomach for a few minutes after bravely proving to Mum that the royal We could eat the entire serving of market poutine himself… we made it through today nearly unscathed. I just thought I had better let you know that we did survive another day. Not sans injury or incident. Did I imply that? We made it through, but on top of the cracked tooth that will have to be pulled (Kiddo doesn’t mind this prospect if it means he gets a day off school, And that he can get a look at it once it is out…), and aside from the stick on stitches and massive bandaid that managed to stay dry under cap and hood, we go to bed with a rather reddened finger, which we (by we, of course I mean He) got stuck in the hole of a table when Mum was down buying some ginger ale because the juice at the place we went for lunch was frozen solid! Apparently a ‘coplady’ walked by while he was stuck in the table but he didn’t think he should ask her for help. It would have been ok, he could have proven that he wasn’t at risk of going anywhere! A child can be left semi-alone for 3 minutes and keep his mother in site and still manage to get himself stuck in a table by one finger!  (I knew it would be ok, he wouldn’t part with even one fry of that poutine without hollering, so it wasn’t like he was about to up and scamper off. Couldn’t anyway, could he?!)

So, pieces of umbrella are left strewn about town, and we have lots of fun stories to tell our friends at school tomorrow about the Adventurous Day Off that we had together. About how after Mum stripped the umbrella of its fabric, she tried to open it again, just to show what it would do, and neither expected to see the spikey bits fly off the darn thing and land a good 10 feet away under a tree! (Note to self, if ever actually in a zombie apocalyse or whatever it is kids are talking about these days, salvage all broken and abandoned umbrellas! Those babies can be lethal!)

Now, Time to sleep it off and heal, time to recharge for another day. Time to ponder what to do with the piece of salvaged umbrella fabric that I brought home, or rather wore home like a demented old woman! I’m thinking tablecloth for patio, or a couple of waterproof liner bags. Or maybe I will just leave it as is and wear it like a shawl next time it rains. Because it is the last umbrella I buy!


(ALSO, Do I win for longest running sentence yet? I must be in the running for longest run on thoughts!? You should hear my brain at 3 a.m.!)


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