Follow the Yellow Stitch Row

Is it ironic that in piecing things together, I have managed to poke a hole in my thumb? Ironic or just typical? And by poke I mean more worked, and by hole I mean that not quite callous state that hand-sewers’ finger and thumb tips often sport. Scaley. Delightful!


It is for a good cause. Or at least a good occupation. Keeping myself busy whilst binge-watching my favourite tv shows. What more could a gal ask for in life?!

At some point this is all going to have to come together and become something.

P1130905 P1130903 P1130899 P1130898

Most likely that rug for the living room floor. So this is where I am at…my current fixation, my occupation, what keeps me going, quite literally, into the night…  I should also note that I don’t rightfully have a plan here. I just sit down and piece things together like a lovely fabric puzzle, pin then and then let my 8 year old decide what colour thread I should use. The rest grows as I go.

P1130908 P1130909

But that is the way it should be with




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