The Recesses

The Recesses. My Dear Friend’s page and words that take me right through the experience…


The cave was dark, musty, you could toss a pebble against a wall & hear it echo for what seemed like forever. Dust motes danced in whatever light there was. It was like being in an ancient vault sealed for centuries. Like the entrance to Jules Verne’s Pellucidar. In the murky darkness it seemed to go on forever. I shined my flashlight about in vain looking for signs of human or animal habitation. Nothing. It was like no one had been there in its history. If they had they kept it quite neat & tidy before they left. It was a mystery.

Sliding on my rump, I got a LITTLE further. I felt like a bat or a mole & thought about using echo – location to navigate. Except for a damp chill, it was rather cozy. A few boxes of glowsticks, battery – powered lanterns, flashlights, & some other…

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