From Coaster to Patch to Carpet, the Creative Train Ride

Taking a breather from the latest pile of projects… Time to put the threads aside for an hour, get the baking supplies out. While my hands were busy stitching, I sort of sewed my way past 2nd breakfast! And now it is nearly lunch time! As usual, I got a bit sidetracked. Surprised?

That is the ride on this creative train though. Maybe it isn’t as much distraction as following a course that is set before me! One idea leads to another and before I know it, I’ve moved on from one project to the next and I am not even sure if the first one is finished! Who am I kidding, the first one is long forgotten.

A stack of pretty little coasters sit in the basket on the table. Some are already stained with coffee and those are hanging out to dry. I think in all I made 8.

P1130705 P1130703

And on we go… Yesterday I did one that is a bit too thick for a little mug to sit upon, and now I am wondering, do I use it as a patch? But on what? The thought process spins me around as I go…


What we need is a nice warm rug for the living room, to break up the grey of the carpet, and to keep our feets and butts happy this indoor season. (I refuse to use the W word yet, I know it is going to happen but I don’t want to make it real by acknowledging it just yet.)

Look at all this grey space begging for colour and layers! Next stop RUG MAKING!


Also, note the rectangular theme happening! This part of the room is rather Boxed In! So, do I need to make a round rug, or go with the shape theme we have happening here? Or at least some uneven angles, like the way a Crazy Quilt is pieced together?! That is what I am thinking, add some heart shapes in there. Spirals of embellishment. OR do I try to make a heart shaped rug?! OOOh the possibilities are endless!

And on that note… I did a couple of these cool, thick patches yesterday.


Definitely rug material happening here! But, does one need to go cutting up squares and pieces for this? Or can I just start layering and sewing together what I have? Like big hunks of denim layered with other heavy fabrics? (Mind you, I do have a pile of denim already in rectangles, as well as the other heavy red stuffs from those old thai pants.) I think just 2 layers would do, affixed by embellishing with other scraps and braided bits of stuff?! But stuff that can be walked upon comfortably! Am I losing you? It is ok, I haven’t gotten a clear picture yet. And I probably won’t until I am half way through my project!

I think I will do a good dig through the fabric case, pull out anything heavy of fabric that would work for a carpet project. Stack it up, start feeling and layering. pinning and embellishing. Not going to worry about size and shape as much as texture and thickness right now. And thread, what to use? I love sewing with embroidery thread, but that means I don’t have that much left. What I Do have is a tray full of thread. So I think I’m good to go!


This creative train is on a roll, and I am the happy passenger, the Mad Captainess, in stitches! Curious as to where we are headed, and starting to visualize the potential. Which is important. If you can’t see it, can you possibly make it? Heck yes, you can! The question is just, what can you make it Into?!


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