Rustic Coasters

Remember earlier I was thinking about starting a sewing project? Had a stash of fabric ready to be turned into coasters?


Well, I was busy with cutting and snipping and pinning and snipping again and folding and pinning and even at stitches.

Laying in Layers


Pinning and folding

P1130583 P1130595

More pinning and folding

P1130601 P1130604

And Folding and Pinning

P1130610 P1130606

And Testing and Repinned Ready for Stitches


And then there were rustic stitches and additions of lacy bits and more reusing and repurposing, and whilst I watched a couple of episodes of my current tv show fixations, a small pile of hand sewn pretties shall grow.

P1130655 P1130644 P1130642 P1130657

And now my fingers hurt and my eye balls need some flexing. But like any repetitive activity, it calls to me until either I run out of materials, or the project is done. Or in this case, until we are over run with tiny fabric squares suitable for setting drinking glasses on.


Also fun, keeping snippings for potential other projects? Aka hoarding. But come on, wouldn’t these work well for filling for a tiny toy? We will see… or toss out at some point in the future.


Anyway, back to the couch for more stitching and I should probably even put the kettle on, put these pretty babies to the test.


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