Coaster Making


After sitting on pinterest for about 45 minutes gathering ideas for her latest craft urges…… she went for a dig around in the fabric case that is her treasure chest. The purple suitcase is cracked across its face, one zipper is broken and there are pieces of cut up clothing bulging out of a few sides.

There are of course solutions to this. Find some place else to keep the cache of fabric. Stop hoarding old clothes. Use some of the stuff saved up! Some of this stuff has been gathering creative energy for years! Has been packed, moved and contemplated far too many times. It is high time to put it to new use.


On today’s creative menu; coasters. Little fabric coasters for under our mugs. Because the 4 that we have around are never enough. Not when we neglect and abandon drinks all around the apartment the way we do. And they are showing some serious wear. Not that our furniture is so fancy that it needs protecting, but coasters have been part of my life for many a decade, and it just doesn’t seem right to set a glass right on a surface.

There are many great ideas on pinterest, but like any recipe, I seek inspiration and tips, not step by step direction. This is in part because no matter how well I follow directions, what I produce will never look like the intended original product. And so I have learned to give my creativity the allowance to flow as she feels fit. And because the materials I have around are never the same as the suggestions, at the moment of searching. And because I am an impulsive person, who knows what she wants to do and how. But sometimes needs a bit of creative inspiration first. I don’t want to wait until I can go shop for or stir up the necessary items. I like to improvise. And get to it… (I Do so badly want to try some of the things that I have saved to craft and creativity boards, but that is why I love the site so much. It is a great place to hoard ideas.)


Which is why there is, of course, now yet another pile of ‘fabric with potential’ on my desk, and a new batch of ideas brewing.

Bits left over from sweater, jeans and a couple of skirts, a heart or two from a quilt gifted years ago, oh, and a piece of cushion cover!

I ‘made’ some coasters a while back, out of felted wool left over from a sweater bag I made for SisterDear. This time around I want to put more intent into it.


Basically I had just cut squares out of what was left of a huge old sweater, and that was that. (I sure wish I had a picture of that bag to show you! It was Fabulous! And sentimental, this was a sweater my sister and I shared back and forth for years, until it really was unwearable. So now we have special pieces of it, and it lives a while longer yet in our lives.)

I will say that felted raw wool is a bit sticky when it comes to use as coaster. It is lovely and thick and will protect a surface, but if the mug is too hot, the coaster will most likely stick to the bottom of it. Just a note… I still love them but I want something new for the kitchen table, and for my many work spaces. Because if those mugs are going to be sat and most likely neglected (there is 1/3 a mug of tepid monks blend tea in front of me right now), they might as well sit on something pretty!

P1130575 P1130573

So here is what I will be working with. I am thinking a couple of layers of heavy fabric in rectangle, layered and bound by some very thick, visible stitches. Rustic. And since I have these lovely pieces of things left over from other projects, I will try to incorporate them into the project. We will see how they turn out!


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