Skirt, The Idea

When I am not trudging between home and school, drying tears, or baking muffins, I am often cutting up old clothes and trying to piece them together into new clothes.

P1130113P1130088 P1130149

Imagine if I actually just went to the store and bought fabric? But where would the recycling or fun be in that?!

There is never a time when I do not have at least one skirt made of old pants. And never a time when I am not without ideas. Or piles of clothes ready to be reused. In fact the first thing I think when people give me clothes is usually OOOOH What I Could Make Out Of These!

Pants beware! Shirts cower! Sleeves kind of rejoice, cause they get all kinds of fun on legs and coffee mugs… more than they do on arms I bet πŸ˜‰

This week I am busy blending old denim with older shirts,


and making cute new skirts that I will actually wear.

Maybe even in public. Aka the grocery store?

Hmmm, well perhaps next I will work on my social life!

One at a time folks, One at a Time!


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