Watch Where You Are Going

Remember my post meltdown hike this morning? Turns out I captured some memories. 211 to be exact. That is how many photos I took this morning, before my camera died out and I had to actually pay attention to the bigger picture around me.


Funny thing, when I started out to clear my head this morning, reaching the trails, I had my eyes so tuned in to small details around me, that I missed out on some major moments. Usually I am pretty keen to capture birds on film. My little heart will be all a flutter at the beat of a ducks wings. So it was a bit of a tragedy that I was so busy focusing my camera on a patch of weeds, that I missed out on a Blue Heron! I know this because I heard it yell at me and when I looked up it was flying not 10 feet from my head. But, my camera was too far zoomed for me to capture anything from the moment, anything by an echo of regret. Note to self, return to spot again another day.

watching where I walk means my eyes are not on the skies. This is the best pic I managed to get of anything flying past…

In the mean time, I did manage to get some pretty good shots of black eyed susans and other daisy types of wild flowers, happily blossoming mid september!

P1130306 P1130339 P1130420 P1130311

What really helps heal my soul is remembering that these places are still there going about their natural business. And I can stroll through again another day.

P1130423 P1130422 P1130345 P1130377


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