Walk it Out

If your morning gets you down, Take a hike!

After the chaos and struggle of a Monday Morning, I sat staring at my twice cold coffee, feeling all the guilt and upsetness washing over me. Then the phone rang and I got an inadvertent piece of advice… get out. Get outside of the moment, of the stress. Go for a coffee, or a walk. Don’t you dare pick up that dish cloth, walk away from the vacuum. It is a beautiful day and the moment is yours.

So I did that and after 2 hours of stalking ducks, zooming in on flowers and listening to leaves flap and rattle, I feel better. I also feel hungry.

I will post some pics later, but right now my camera and I need to recharge. I am so grateful for the little piece of advice I picked up from an unrelated phone call. Be well, seek wellness, learn from your moments, don’t dwell, and if all else looks like more failure, go for a walk!


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