Creativity in Combination

Join me for some Creative Combining, won’t you?!

My favourite forms of creativity involve combining things. Flour and eggs. Paint and water. Word and paper, or screen. Fabric, and, well, fabric. Repurposing, I suppose. Upcycling. Using again. Making new with old.

No pair of old jeans is safe, when I have the urge. A bag maybe? A skirt most likely. If you know me, saying “hey I have this bag of clothes, I don’t know if they will fit you but maybe you can find a use…” those are the words of love! Ideas flow and never stop cluttering my mind and dreams. I hoard old clothes. An overflowing suitcase rolled out of the back of my closet contains bits of shirts my son long ago grew out of, pieces of colour for the quilts I dream of making. An entire shelf is home to the quilts and projects I am ‘working on’. Pinterest feeds my obsessions. Vision board heaven lets me cruise through ideas, compiling them until I feel like I am ready. I need to visualize, try on, try out, imagine and work myself towards believing I can do it. For it is all part of the process of creation.

But to actually get to it! That is the thing, isn’t it! We can pile old clothes in corners until all our chairs spill over. But to actually commit to a piece of work, that is something else entirely. To have a creative mind is to fuel a creative heart, or vice versa. But to have creative hands! That is where the magic happens!

And magic is happening in full force. I rearranged the furniture last week to allow for a work table again. My heart is so happy to have a table for me to leave partially finished projects ready and waiting… My computer now sits on the wobbly little table that was on the balcony. And my lovely big desk is already in action.

Which gives me an idea! See? The inspiration never stops flowing. Imagine a pot luck stitch and bitch. Bring food. BUT, also bring a piece of clothing you are done with, that you are willing to sacrifice to the goddesses of creativity! We can all make something out of our old things, together!!!


In the mean time, Creative Combining is happening! And I will keep you posted.


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