Pages In Time

I will read you here, I will read you there

I will read you

Just about any where….

What is your Go To Book? The pages you revisit every few years? Do you have a favourite? One that calls to you and you listen, like it must know you need it again. The first time was magic and every time returning is like reigniting an old flame! Something old, something new.

My all time re-read, my favourite book is Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. I adore this man’s mind. I adore this book. It is the right kind of funky and fantasy for me. He can turn me around and on in seconds and string me along for days. I am midway through right now, and feeling its pull. I know where we all end up, but it has been about 4 years since I read this marvellous work of art in word form, and while the words haven’t changed, I have. I am not the nubile 20 something I was when we found each other the first time. Or the other girls I have been with him in my hands. But I am ready to dig my toes in for another round.

And I already know that when I am finished with these pages, I will be scouring the 2nd hand shelves for more of his treasures. I have owned these books times before, and passed them on time and time again. This time I might buy for keeps. And if all else fails, the library stacks are a girls best friend! (up next… Even Cowgirls Get The Blues…or whatever next the universe puts in my way.)

Maybe I am waiting for my Alobar. Maybe I am waiting for my Kudra! Maybe I am waiting for my own Tom Robbins! Until then, I am willing to read you just about anywhere.

Jitterbug Perfume at the Beach


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