Hot Mess Morning

The first day of school was as easy as soft butter. Any bumps were smoothed over with one swipe of kiss on teary cheek. Day Two, however, came out swinging and tripping like a clumsy off kiltered ape.

Woke up too early, leaky water bottle in lunch box. New school year forms an inky mess. Rain falling – no rain gear. Confusion over school bells – panic when we heard a bell 15 minutes before ours goes off… 2 schools beside each other… Just a train running on its tracks… And Mum is the engineer. (It was I who woke him up on my way to the washroom this morning, I who didn’t put the lid on the water bottle right. I who handed him the dripping lunch box…)

Day 3 will need some care. Not nearly as much planning as First Day back, but a bit of a heads up. Not a hot mess! In the mean time, a couple of hours left in the day for me to wind down and get a grip before he is home and the fun can start all over again!


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