Days and Apartment Back

School goes back tomorrow. Hats are labelled, shoes are set by the door. Lunches are packed. Dreams are being dreamt.

I have entertained thoughts for my time off, his first day back at school. Maybe take a hike, read in bed, watch grown up tv shows all day on the couch. But let’s be honest. The couch is covered in toys, my bedroom is muggy, and tv is boring.

What I most likely will find myself doing is house work. Because summer has happened around this here apartment. Especially in the past few weeks… It hath encroached! The floors have a layer of grit and grime that is part beach sand and part freezie drippings. There are unpacked bags leaning in a haphazard row, and piles of towels in various stages of sog. The clothes rack is over laden with swim shorts, and shoes are tossed where ever they randomly feel like landing. Actually what I could do is just camp out in the kitchen for the day, drinking tea and reading. Because it seems to be the one room in the house that I have bothered to keep clean lately. And the one place free of toys and randomly discarded foot or head wear.

I am sad this summer holiday is ending. We have needed this bonding time. But some structure will do us good. So  Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s Off To School He Goes! I may not feel like it right now, but I am sure some part of me will be dancing with the other parents in the streets!

In the mean time, I am going to shove some more stuff on the floor, and find some boring tv to watch. As long as I keep my eyes at tv level, it doesn’t look too bad in here right now.


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