Some Healthy Mum

I am a pretty reserved person when it comes to my body. But it has been so blasted hot out and indoors lately! So tonight I was walking around the apartment in a red sports bra and my black gym shorts. Not the least amount of clothing I could wear, or have worn, but not something I do in front of my son often either. I am a big fan of my own personal body privacy… Or I am still working on body and self love issues that I have faced my whole life.

This bold move by an over heated mother brought on an interesting conversation about bodies with my son. He walks around in skimpy  boxer shorts most of the time. But he is 8… As he took in my skin, he told me that today he saw some women at the beach who looked a lot different than me, that were very very skinny (he sucked in his already tiny tummy “Like this mum”) and I told him that is how some bodies are. But not everyone’s. That some people look very beautiful that way, but other people look very beautiful other ways too. I said that I am glad I am a strong person, but I am more interested in being and looking healthy than I am being or looking super thin. I am not thin hating, just stating my truth.

He looked at me wide eyed and said “Oh Mum, You are Very Very Healthy”, which was cute and sweet and amusing in his earnestness, and I happen to agree. 

I have spent the summer swimming with my boy. I have toned arms, strong legs and a back that feels better than it has in a long time. I also have a soft middle that pillows his head when we watch a movie. I love me some fudgcicles, and I am not about to chase them out of the house in hopes of tighter abs. Do I rejoice a little that I have dropped another pant size? Sure. Does this mean I will start wearing bikinis boldly and proudly? No probably not. But, I like this… This moment can have a positive echo for us both…



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