Memory Pool

Went for a last dip in the pool today. They close it Monday, but since the boy’s mama works most of the long weekend, this was our chance.

It is with sad hearts that we walked out of the gates this morning. That pool gave us a way to bond and enjoy ourselves, each other and the long summer days. We have come through something hard this past year, heck, this past decade! And the simple joys of splashing and diving and chasing and swimming have helped us in more ways than just surviving the heat!

But we can take this nostalgia and get creative with it! What are we afraid of missing the most? The swimming, the togetherness. The simple escape of packing up a bag and spending the day away from home. This we can have throughout the rest of the year. Let this inspire me. To join a community centre and make this a regular part of our lives. To find outdoor activities to enjoy together. Kick the soccer ball season is back! Hiking and playing! Swimming at local indoor pools! Maybe even trying something new!

Goodbye to summer doesn’t mean goodbye to freedom. It just means fun needs a few extra layers!


May we carry these memories with us, in our healing hearts. May they carry us through the hard months ahead, may they make them less hard! And may we continue to make memories, with just a little effort!


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