Go for Green (Muffins)

You guys want to know how to make Muffins That Look Healthy? Cause we all want our baking to pretend to be good for us, don’t we?!

Well Now! Today’s baking adventure was inspired by a sudden over taking of snacky feels, and the knowledge that the closest thing to anything remotely resembling snack food in the fridge comes in the form of fruit. Yum to fruit but I want something Else right now. So, out come the baking ingredients. However, at this time I discovered that the only sugar in the house is the blue sparkle sugar that I over bought when I was picking up supplies for this years atrocity. I mean birthday cake. Ok, blue sugar crystals we can work with. Oh look, not much butter around. Hmmm. Well, lets melt what butter there is with a scoop of molasses, that’ll make the batter stick nice, yes?

Only thing, as everything is mixed together, the molasses infused butter and the blue sugar crystals create a less than lovely hue of green, something close to if one had included spinach powder. So there you have it. My newly discovered method for making muffins that are healthy in appearance only. Or maybe they are a tad healthy. I used coconut powder with water to make the milk, and coconut flakes. And just to make them actually edible, I tossed in a handful of chocolate chunks.

These babies smell good that is for sure! As for the green hue? Well I will let The Boy decide if that is a good thing or not. Here is hoping for a positive reaction!


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