Packing the child off to sleep over camp on Monday! So today is spent packing for the packing off of.

If you know me at all, you know that packing for anything makes me anxious! You should see what I bring with me just to walk to the library! Let’s not even get started on the luggage that was my diaper bag!

But thankfully, I have an obsessive mind to go along with the packing anxious side of myself. Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr? ! So I wrote, and rewrote a list. Triple checked by counting on my fingers, just how much stuff he will need for 4 nights away. And the list, we stuck to it! And then added a couple of extra everythings, because there was room ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank goodness for wheelie bags, even in kid size! This is Camp, not Camping, so wheelie bags, pillows and stuffies in the form of tough guy toys (Hulk Goes To Camp…) are easy to pack and carry!

Packing for your child is Stre-to the DOUBLE S-FULL! What will he do without my ever present guidance?! Become Brave, Independent and Self Confident! YES!!! That is part of what this is all about! Have fun, get grubby and Be Forte!!!

So, aside from a couple of things, his bags are packed and he is ready to go. Actually he is as nervous as I, but we are both doing our best to contain that. We have talked a good deal and I think we will be alright.

For now, every time I have nervous thoughts, I am trying to focus on positive things. Making a list of Fun Things To Do With My Self Time… Of course, as the items on my list reflect, I Could do all of this with my child around. But it feels good. So far I am planning to explore a part of town I haven’t seen yet, hike a hike, paint my toe nails while drinking magical cocktails (magical because I have not the money for said cocktails so they will have to magically appear…) OH and not forget to go to work!

So, are we ready?! NEVER! I mean, Sure!!! Kids are adaptable. I am stewing in my anxious juices, and he is playing happily in his bedroom! Probably afraid that if he pops his head out, I will give him a task to do ๐Ÿ˜€ Bonding with his toys while I frantically search my mind for things forgotten. Where are those lists?!


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