Dream Weddings

Ever find yourself obsessing over wedding dresses because that one person you might realistically visualize actually marrying because even though you haven’t seen them in over a decade, you still feel like you have wicked hot chemistry and are destined to mix and mingle again one day, has popped up on your facebook chat a couple of times?

And then after they stop responding to your texts, you realize that you are most likely living in a fantasy world, but now the song you have been listening to non stop and envisioned dancing to at your fantasy future wedding is now “Your” song…?

It’s ok you guys, because if you are super lucky like me, you have a friend who has a cousin looking for a wife, in all reality so that he can move and become a citizen of your country, and for half a millisecond you actually catch yourself phewing because at least you know what dress you can wear!? #pinterestobsessedfantasybride


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