LIfe Begins Again

A year ago I was staring at empty cupboards, and donation bins. A year ago I was silently preparing us for great big life changes. Starting to say good bye. A year ago I was getting ready to wrench us free from a life that was stifled, fearful and lonely, as much as it was full of friendship and home roots.

Tonight I am making lists again. But this time they are party lists. Because we have much to celebrate, and I am going to show my son just how much we do have going for us right now! So much love, care, family, friends! New friendships that mean so much to us both.

We went for  a walk tonight, and talked about our new home. New vs Old. We miss many faces. We miss the lake we used to look upon. But we love our new people. We love our family. And we love our new home. Our school. Our neighbourhood. We can miss even if we can’t wish. But we can also appreciate the good around us. What we have earned, worked for and rewarded ourselves with.

So lets party! He turns 8 in just over 2 weeks. And I have some serious planning to do. Planning to celebrate. And to enjoy life! And plan simpler cakes!


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