Peaceful Moments

Every night as the clock moves further from the 9 and closer to the 10, I start to well up with irritation and exhaustion. Hey kid! Go to bed already!!!

Those are my inner thoughts. Out of my face are the “honey it is time to clean up, honey it is nearly bed time, one more song ok? One more page of your book…It is getting late, it is nearly Mum’s bedtime…” Ok, it is summer, you are nearly 8, and it isn’t like I have anything pressing to do. Just only to stare in silence, golden golden silence. While you, dear boy, slip off to dream land. There is a much needed winding down time that happens for caregivers, in the silent hours of after bedtime. And the later that bedtime is, the more urgent the need for those moments of peace and quiet!

But… there is something golden about a half hour of silence first thing in the morning, if you are treated to waking up before your child, who is sleeping past 9 because he was up past 10! Stillness and coffee. My new favourite thing.

Funny thing, I keep looking towards his bedroom door. Not in trepidation of his waking but because I miss him.


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