Disaster Cake 101

Cake Gone Wrong = Vanilla Trifle Celebration Tis the last day of school before summer holidays! A good chance for a Mama to go crazy with the treat making! I love a reason to have a party for 2! And a good salvage project… P1080583 So here is what you do; First, decide at 9 a.m. on the last day of school to pick up a cake mix. Then over fill mini bundt cake tins with batter. Then watch in mild horror as those babies bake, over flowing and becoming something resembling an alien marshmallow mushroom creature. Pull from oven, stare in bewilderment.

If these had just popped out of tin nicely, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, we would be having massive cupcakes. Win?

Wait 20 minutes to find the pan still hasn’t cooled. Start easing a batter scraper around the edges of the massive muffin tops. Google ideas for using botched cake. Exclaim with delight over suggestions to make parfait. Celebrate over box of vanilla pudding mix in cupboard. Be inspired and glad that the tops of the cakes come off relatively whole. Put those aside on cooling rack.

P1080579 P1080578

Decide if one should do a layered dessert in a glass dish, or make them individually in the blue glass bowls.  P1080580 Scrape and loosen botched cakes from bundt cake tin which is finally cool enough to touch. Tip all that delightful cake into a glass pan. State of cleanliness is more important than size.

Mix up vanilla pudding. Put in at least 1/3 more milk than suggested on box so there is enough to go around, and over the pan of cakey bits. Pour pudding over and around cakey bits. P1080584

Then layer the cake tops in nice row. Cover and refrigerate. Mostly because you just aren’t ready to get the icing going yet. Finally, ice Botched Bundt Cake Vanilla Pudding Trifle P1080586P1080585

Now. It looks like cake. But it’s something more than cake.

Will he notice? Will he eat it? Will he remember fondly one day that his mother liked to celebrate with funny desserts, these special moments of our lives?! Let’s Hope So!

P1080589PS… he ate it without question, although with some hesitation, seeing as apparently at school they had not only pizza for lunch but an ice cream sundae bar… But the good news is it basically just resembles really moist somewhat dense cake… yum!


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