Fun Things From My Today


Today I stood ankle deep in my sandals in a basket ball court so full of rain water that it had become a wading pool, in order to take these pictures… P1080562  P1080560

Today I bought 3 little solar lights for my balcony, put them in a massive jar full of last years beach rocks, and left them to do their thing. Delightful! P1080568 P1080570

You know you are more than just a crafty person, when you are getting your creative fix for the day by finger painting with sparkle glue, on your balcony, in the dark and light of some solar lamps, at 11 oclock at night… (if above jar of solar lights looks rained on, that is the sparkle glue that has not dried yet)

Someone is about to finish grade 2, and someone’s mother was inspired by someone elses mother, to make a really great sun catcher for our lovely teacher who we are so grateful for! The above is what we have done. Painted old cds with nail polish, and then affixed self adhesive ”jewel” stickers, and last but not least, slathered on some sparkle glue!

P1080567 P1080566

I have to wait for it all to dry, and then figure out the best way to string them all together, for fabulous suncatching enjoyment. I’m posting these pics now because I am pretty sure in the mad scramblings of the next few days to come, I will be lucky to actually finish them, hand them over and feel self satisfaction. So pre-emptively taking photos of the works in progress is pretty darn progressive of me!

P1080574 P1080571 P1080572

We were inspired at an impromptu craft night at our friend’s place… to make sun catchers out of old cds that are other wise just sitting around feeling sorry and unused… these are ours, just paint, glued on thingys, and some places to hang them… They really do catch the sun in the right light. And I am pretty sure I have about 25 more just waiting for colour and creative urges!!!

I don’t really have anything else to tell you about today, except that this is a bird that I saw on my walk… P1080564



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