A Day in The Life Of

Okay, maybe it is because I don’t have a grown adult sitting in my living room space with me right now to tell all about my day to, or maybe it is because I want to write and love to share, or maybe I see import in mundane things. But I want to tell you about my day! Be prepared to be (something other than) astounded!

Actually, I am writing this is for a couple of encouraging friends, who I think are inspiring me to make the most of my days and ways. And because I want to share with a special friend in particular, to give her a smile in her hard times and day. I hope this works 🙂

Let me tell you about my day. It wasn’t extraordinary, but it was pretty great. At 850 this morning, I dropped my son off at school. Then I walked to a cheapie store to look for a half decent water gun to give him to celebrate school being over. Congratulations on finishing grade 2, here is an awesome water gun! I joked to my friend this morning that I might have to write about Super Momma Getting Soaked on Way To Buy Super Soaker! Turns out that would have been a relief! After a night of lightning storms and drumming thunder, this morning was hot and humid, with blasts of relief on the tail end storm winds! The winds were lovely!

Actually it wasn’t entire blue and sunny, but it was a nice enough day. Funny story to come about this picture. Watch for it in my next post!

It was a bright blue morning, and I was on a mission.

Across from said Cheapie Store, is the library. One of my most favourite places. Because books, but also because there is a relatively clean public washroom there, and I am one of those people who drinks a bottle of water for every like 5 blocks she walks. So hurrah! for relatively clean public washrooms. And while I was there, I thought I’d check in on my library fines. Summer is here. School is nearly out. Reading clubs abound! So I paid that baby off, picked up a couple of books for us both, and dodged traffic like a good pedestrian shopper.


A quick turn through the Cheapie Store revealed that they had nothing I wanted. Their highest end squirt gun was 3 dollars, which would have sufficed a couple of years ago, but a boy of Nearly 8 deserves a decent water gun! So I swallowed my revulsion and walked the block up to a nasty big name store that shall not be named, but that is a living nightmare of flourescent lighting and too many options. There amongst the hallowed aisles of the world that starts with W, I found a pretty decent water gun, heck let’s get 2 for this price… So quickly I am consumed with consumption! Hey why not grab a couple of mini solar lamps for the balcony too?! And…. that is when I fled to the check out. Where a super cute girl with a mohawk helped me swiftly on my way. Actually the place was dead empty since it was still before 930 in the morning at this point. I was on a mission, and a mission to get back out into the sunshine!

Ok, so purchases in hand guess what I did next? Dashed back across the road for a quick stop at that relatively clean public washroom is what I did. Isn’t the life of a nearly 40 year old mother fascinating?

By the time I got home I was salty, fatigued and ready to hit the couch for some serious lazing. I had to work in a whole 6 hours you know!!! So, laze I did. I have been watching this show Grace and Frankie, which is absolutely wonderful! I aspire to be a bit of both of those women at any given time in my future. Charmed, to be sure!

I’ll skip ahead a few hours, because as fascinated as you are with my life, I’m sure you will appreciate a break from the doldrums! Watched lots of tv, drank a good share of coffee. Got started on birthday present gifts for friend’s kids. (more on that when they are finished…) Got dressed for work. Skipped down to the school to meet son, hand son over to friends, caught bus to work. Was ahead by a good 10 minutes on all my tasks at work, which was good cause a night with no surprises is a non-existent thing. Even a head, I ended up behind by 5 minutes. But it’s cool, the bus that usually comes 9 minutes after I finish my shift was late by about the same. Good times. So as per usual after a shift in the kitchen, I rode the bus home with a seat to myself. Something to be said for reeking of dish pit and splashed on hand sanitizer…

When I showed up on the 7th floor to pick up child of mine, I was invited to stay for supper. Our friends and we have decided to adopt each other. We will just all become a family. We basically live together, if you count the 2 floor elevator ride. They see as much of my child as I do these days! And he is comfortable enough to throw a full blown fit in their presence. So we must be family!  Being invited to sit and eat with them as they break their fast, to eat delicious fresh home made foods, like dahl, and seafood. My My!

Did I mention that our newly loved friendly family type neighbours are Arabic? That they are muslim, celebrating Ramadan? They are practicing the fast, so I arrive pretty much right on time for the nightly ritual of breaking fast at 9 pm. Such loving hospitality and good food is a sight for sore heart after a day of commuting by foot and feeding other people! The children teach me words I forget how to pronounce, and I show them how pretty their names look in sign language alphabet. We are bonding and this is so very good! I love them! Can I just say that since we moved here, we have been embraced in heart and helping by so many good people of so many different back grounds! Christian fellows furnished our home, and Muslim friends furnish our hearts, and even feed us! I swear if people stopped worrying about what and who other people believed in and just got down to the good cause of caring about each other, we’d all be living in a bette world!!! I am ever blessed!

By the time the child crawled into bed, it was nearly My bedtime, but summer is here, school is nearly out and I think once in a while, it is good to break our steadfast routines and just relax about it all already!

So. That’s about it for a day in the life of I… Are you as tired as I am yet?!


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