Rules of the Game aka Many Monkeys in the Middle

There are some unspoken rules in the fields and parks of our apartment complex.

One is that who ever has the most people available for a game gets the field. Or who ever is there first. So if the group of Nepali Girls get to the grass with their soccer ball before the Mom’s and Dad’s who just want to toss a frisbee around, then the grass becomes a soccer field. But if the parents get to the grass first, well, I guess it is ours. Or we can all sort of play together, dodging each other. But I don’t want to get in the way of a Nepali Girl’s soccer game. Those women are Fierce!

Another unspoken rule is that if your frisbee game is suddenly over run with children, you must turn your game into Many Monkeys in the Middle, because if you don’t actively involve them, you Will trip over them. But Impromptu Frisbee Skirmish is a friendly way to bond with the bilingual children of the neighbourhood.

Even if we never know each other’s names, or speak the same language, there seems to be an unspoken understanding that if you are upright, and not sitting on the edges of the play ground, than you are a free for all baby sitter. So we take turns. Today I might let your toddlers race me for the frisbee so you can sit and catch up with other mothers. Because tomorrow my son might be running amok with Your child, and I might be too tired to keep my eye lids open.

Lesson #1; Mutual understandings make a community flourish.

Lesson #2, tiny little European girls can throw a mean frisbee!

Lesson #3, leave frisbee at home if one wants to relax in the grass and watch a game of soccer played by some bad ass Nepali girls! (Just make sure the grass you relax on is well out of their way!)


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