Make Do and Make New

P1080391The kitchen is currently the place where dirty dishes, discarded shopping lists and recycling pile up. It is the abandoned zone. The place we rarely frequent. The breakfast spot. Where we meet in the morning before heading off into these sunny days. I don’t use the table for eating if my son is at school… does any one else not do this too? I’d rather eat at my computer, or on the balcony, or just drink tea until he comes home 😀

It isn’t that I have given up on feeding my wee family. It is just that between starting a new job (serving other people’s family members their food) (YAY for new job!) and spending the rest of the hours of the day either stunned into relaxation on the couch together or chasing the last of the day light hours across the field, the kitchen is the last place we end up being.

But don’t worry my dears! I am busy. Oh yes I am. Having a job might mean that lazy days off are now guilt free, but I am driven to stay active. Also don’t imagine that I have burnt off all my energies! I have rushes of creativity that seem to know no bounds except means, space and materials… of which I actually seem to also have plenty!P1080367 No piece of clothing has escaped my scrutiny, not when I get into my idea driven dress up parties for one! From old shall be made new again!!!

Hello my pretties! What shall we make of you today?!


Going through my reduced store of summer clothing, I realized that most of what I have around are rags. Literally. Ends of skirts used as wraps for so long that they are frayed and much less than wearable. And as happy as I am to be able to say I have dropped another couple of sizes, this leaves me a bit short of shorts!

The piles of “to convert into other wearable things” are taking over the lovely empty floor space of my room. My side table in the living room has become an ironing board covered in projects.

P1080389 P1080376

Meager means have sort of inspired me to make the most of what is around.  Waist bands are being added, pants become skirts, table cloths become wrap pants. Edges of skirts become table napkins. I might not be getting a lot of hours at the new job just yet, but I’m riding a train of productivity! Wooo!

You were once a long dress, then you were a curtain and a wrap skirt, now you are napkins on our table. You are an homage to the goddess of recycling!

So this is where I am at, what I am up to. Actually, right now I am also working on a top secret project for a very special soon to be born family member. And while I run little stitches through fabric, I am a few steps ahead of myself, visualizing how best to make that sleeveless snap button shirt more girlie! Or how to add a ruffle to the under layer of the white skirt someone gave me. And one day I might even come up with an idea of where to wear all this fun ‘new’ stuff, aside from walking my son to and from school!


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