What You Need, I Will Bring

“I don’t have many, and I don’t have much…” (Passenger – Hearts on Fire)

But I have abundance, I have plenty.

I was sitting down to write when this song came on, and I thought, Yes! But… not having much, or many doesn’t have to mean you are poor or down trodden. Much and many are relative terms. I don’t have much money in the bank, I don’t have many options for dinner fixings right now. But, I do have many friends and much family. I do have what I need. I am surrounded by stuff, balms for the soul. Food for the belly. And like Michael Rosenburg, my heart is on fire. I have love, even if our loves are different. There is love, and my heart is on fire with gratitude.

We are great with things worthy of our gratitude. Mostly due to the new friendships blossoming in our lives. Friends in the building, and in the neighbourhood. Invitations to come for dessert and playtime. Welcomes into homes and hearts. Differences in the background as stories are shared. Stories that show the similarities in our spirits.

The women will feed us. I don’t have to ask. There is a kindness brimming over right now, and the over flow tastes so good! Spice of life! “Come for tea and dessert!” “Hey I am making falafels for dinner, can I bring you some?” (You sure Can!) “Thank you for watching my son, here is some delicious stew and home made bread!” “Eat these cherries!” “I will never be able to eat all of this salad in time, please take some home with you!”   and our bellies are full, and our hearts are overflowing! (I don’t have any pictures to share, as we were too busy filling our faces to reach for the camera).

Sunday afternoon I made a vow and talked my son into doing the same. We won’t complain. We will call each other out if we are complaining. We can ask “is that a complaint?” and that can help steer us in more positive thought directions. We can face a new week with gratitude and thanks in our hearts. And fresh bread in our backpacks. Life is delicious!


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