Mothering Day

Moments of Motherhood

The dear hearted boy’s Mother’s Day gift to me. He tried to help the marigold flower face the sun and prematurely dead headed it but I assured him that I could see at least 2 more buds already and I put the little yellow face into my mother journal to keep for always.

Mother’s Day Morning I woke up earlier than my week day alarms are set. Even though the boy was still sleeping. So I laid in bed drifting in and out of awareness until I heard his cute self stirring. Then we cuddled and lay together in my bed, me reading and him having a bit of screen time. On silent, because it’s mother’s day morning. So my call.

At 11 this morning I learned that we were going out for lunch and not supper. So my plan to be as lazy as possible all day and work my way around to eventually having a much needed shower before family time was kind of shortstopped. So I downed my coffee and hopped in the tub. And when I emerged, my darling dear of a loving son said to me “I know you like things to be nice and clean and since it is Mother’s Day I did something special for you, and wiped the dust off the tv stand”! What sweeter words could a mother want to hear?!

Boy decided that he needed to shower me with love and gifts so he made some cut out shape cards for me.

Then we had a sit and looked at the “Things about my Mom” booklet they brought home from school, with poorly spelled sentences and drawings done with care. “My Mom’s favourite food is pizza and what she loves to do most is play cards with me”. News to me! But, I adore this. Because from his perspective, these Must be my favourite things, because they are what happens most often around here. I make frozen pizza and we play go fish all night long. Because those are His favourite things, and they make him so very happy, so I do them. No surprise that they might be seen as My favourite things, since I appear to want to do them so often. This is the way of care giving perhaps. The things we do to make others happy are translated into the definition of what makes us happy. And because these things make our loved ones and charges happy, they become the things that make us happy. And this is the ‘caring for’ that is mothering.

Because, Thumbody Loves You

P1080042 P1080043

He came a’bearing gifts, worry not! Big thanks to his big hearted clever teacher. His art project for the month was of course his Mother’s Day gift. He was near to broken hearted because he had to bring it home while the paint was still wet, and he got some of it smudged. Me, I only see love. And adorable thumbprint bees. The love of “Thumbody who loves me” and it makes my heart grateful to have this boy as a son, this boy who let me be a Mum! His independent thoughtfulness today shows me that he is a good guy, and we are a good team.

And that makes me proud of us both.

Happy Mother’s Day


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