Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday

When I first saw the surge of cute posts all over social media, I thought; well there is another club I don’t think I get to be part of. Because most of the people ‘throwing back’ are young enough that there were already digital cameras and digital records of their lives in motion. And isn’t it enough of an ego trip that we are flashing selfies around like purposes in life? (Enter grumpy old lady voice.)

But I am finding it a special kind of project, to dig around in ye olde photo bin (mandarin orange box from a few christmas seasons ago) and find some gems worth sharing.

P1070879 P1070886

So here ye go. A little #TBT of my own. A throw back to the days of yore. To the days when all I needed was a shovel and a pile of dirt to dig at. Or a bucket and some water to play in. Life is actually not that much different now, even if I am not as good at coordinating outfits as I apparently was back then!


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