Forget It

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forgive and Forget?.”

Of the forgiving and the forgetting, I wonder when one actually achieves both of these, do we enter in to a state of absolution for all parties? I am a believer that forgiveness is all about self healing. But before I can move on, I have probably got to let them know this, don’t I? Then I can forget?

Clearly I am not a decisive person!

I think I have forgiven. But I still don’t forget. There is still the residue of the happenings, the emotions tied to the circumstances. So have I forgiven? Can I forget? Must one forget to forgive? Can I just answer this prompt with a stream of questions?

The people most necessary to forgive, for me, are family. And that is the hardest. The people who have not treated me with respect, or sometimes even care. And they have tried to atone. I know it. And they had their reasons for making their choices. But can I say I forgive you? Sure. I just said it, out loud. And I believe myself. But I still don’t forget. So what is that? That right there might be fodder for therapy. Maybe I will keep you posted on that.

Have I told you anything at all? In my vagueness, I think I have implied that I am a woman with hurt feelings. And that I want to forgive, but more I want to forget. And I suppose that takes time.


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