Cooked, Booked and Nooked

Honey, I’m Home!

Said the woman with a stack of books in her book nook!

Look! Look! A reading nook !!!
Creatively stashing on and under bedside/coffee table…

Home! Home is where the books are stacked! Home is where one can get lost in pages, in the comfort of a bed, in a warm beam of light, with a mug of tea long past room temperature forgotten beside her. Home is where the heart is and my heart is happily surrounded by my books again! (Although I think I am in the market for an ottomon for my cozy new reading nook!)

I think it was just about a year ago that I started to face my stacks and shelves and nooks and crannys. Started gleaning and weaning. Giving away and clearing out. So many boxes of books went! So few came along for the ride. But the ones that are here now at my finger tips are the true treasures.

P1070875 P1070874

I really feel it this time! I feel more at home tonight. Nothing like unpacking after living in a place for over 5 months, to make one feel at home in her surroundings. Even if it delightfully smells like a used book store that has no windows in here right now. It combats the waftings of the neighbours nightly meal of fried rice!

After a year of shedding and clearing and bingeing and purging and leaving stacks of boxes of books and other belongings all over town, after moving what feels like half way around the world, even though it is still in the same province, I am finally unpacking my precious books! I have had them with me for a while now. But there was just something uncharming about unloading boxes of books onto carpeted apartment floors! So we have been in good company, but not surrounded.

One of our chapter book reading piles, probably waiting for summer at this point. Been building up beside the tv for a while now. But we have to find the right time to get there, since he brings home a Geronimo Stilton every week from the library at school. Much to look forward to, we have!

Today my sister came over with a load of furniture. Including a fantastic blue book case, that of course went straight to the boy’s room. Because as much as I wanted to put it in the living room, I knew from the minute I saw it, that it was meant for him. And I very much want his room to be wonderful. So now all his little containers and boxes and yes books, can come up off the floor and onto their new home. He was adorably arranging displays in his room tonight.


And he is thrilled with his ”upgraded” bedroom! Looking forward to watching him take a gander at reading some of those babies himself soon!

As for me, I nabbed a little microwave stand to put in my own room. And then I spent a good part of the evening trying to wedge 2 boxes worth of books onto it. (I am still very much open to receiving more wonderful book cases and the like, but one must do with what one has)! Over the decades, I have perfected a compulsive packing system. And oh how I love to theme stack books.

P1070873But tonight I had to ignore all of that, for the sake of getting them out into the open air. Oh don’t you worry, there is a system here, although it won’t be visible to the eye of the unaware. Behind and beneath the visible layers are all manner of pattern of stacked books. (there are 3 layers here. It is making me twitch at this moment. Books that have recently been read, laying under books of certain other sorts.) Oh well, it’s a start, anyway.

P1070866At least they are out and about, for the most part. And even spread around some! Oh the joys!

It is nearly midnight, and although my instincts are firing on all cylinders because I haven’t placed my books quite properly, I need to call it a night. I am probably well past the point of rambling aimlessly, and I want to go visit with my stuff. Because as happy as I am to now be able to say I have a Book Nook, I really do love most to be able to lay on my bed with a good book and get lost for a while. Not tonight. I wouldn’t dare, or I wouldn’t sleep! But I will lay there a while feeling all pleased with myself.

And it will be a Good Night, surrounded by the steady solid presence of my best mates. My stories. My memories. My books.


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