If Not Idyllic, Than Fitting Will Do

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Idyllic.”

Apartment Living at its finest…

If I had the means and whereabouts to live where and as I please, living in a 10 floor apartment building on a lot with 6 other buildings, in a lower income, highly populated part of a city I have never lived in before, WELL! that would not be what comes to mind. BUT, right now I think we are exactly where we should be. We happen to like it here a whole lot. Not enough for me not to dream of what will come later, but this is home. This will do.

On that note, I would first off like to thank my son and his class mate for making plans to visit each other yesterday. When she got home, she told her mum that we were coming over. So her mum texted us and asked if we wanted to. And my boy played the innocently surprised Oh! BUT Please can we?! So we went and hung out on the 7th floor and I realized that most people are probably waaaaaaay more relaxed than I am, and that kids being noisy are kids having fun. And that Arabic Rice is freaking delicious! (I do not have a recipe for you, but I think I will become her #1 fan, and I fully intend to brag about the delicious meals that I hope are in my future!) I also learned another lesson about people last night. People from other and probably stricter cultures than I am from are more open to me than I assume they will be. (Although I still like to joke that I am the giant blond uncovered tattooed heathen crazy lady) I have much to think on!

I would also like to thank whatever jerkholeface in the building thought it would be a fun prank to spray hairspray on a fire detector last night, so that we were evacuated from the building at 11 o’clock last night. Well, half of the residents didn’t come outside, but anyone with a child or pet to carry did. I certainly did! Every 3rd kitchen in my building exudes burnt rice fumes on a good day, so I wasn’t leaving it, and our safety, to chance. Don’t worry, it was fine, and we got to come back in and go back to bed before midnight. In fact I think it is reassuring to know how sensitive the detectors are in the building. Makes one feel safer when laying awake obsessing over such things at night. And if the alarms hadn’t sounded, I wouldn’t have woken my poor sleeping son and carried him outside to watch the stars and firetrucks with all the neighbours. And thanks to that jerkholeface prankster, I have been doing some thinking about safety measures. Thinking over whether or not we should have a backpack with a few essentials ready if we need to grab and dash! And I am wondering if I should do a test run of tying the sheets together and leaving our apartment by the balcony! Ok, going too far, I know! I will hold off on the actual climbing down but I wonder, does this trick work?! I will definitely participate next time there is a fire drill and posters requesting that residents take part. I have some questions for those helpful firemen!

Anyway life is interesting lately, if not perfect. We are making friends in the building, and eye contact with the neighbours! And today it is rainy so I have an excuse not to go to far. In fact I think I will put the kettle and some soup on and take in the weather from the balcony doorway. And while I am sitting there, I will dream about how if all were idyllic, I would be looking out over my lovely garden, watching my dogs and friends and their kids and dogs frolic. Beyond that garden is a stream, and beyond that a field that I know lies just on the edge of a charming peaceful lake. And the concrete of the balcony beneath my feet is actually the stone of the patio that circles my lovely stone and wood cottage where I house my thousands of books and quilting projects. Now that would be idyllic. A dream to cherish. A dream to colour my day.

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