Eyes to the Skies


I am going a bit bird crazy, as anyone on my facebook page or on flickr can tell you! And now, just for your own viewing pleasure, I am going to share the delights that are the winged things of my neighbourhood. You lucky things you! I have decided that it is ok that we don’t have a pet right now, as I can hang out with the neighbourhood critters, and it doesn’t cost me anything! And hawk stalking is a fantastic pasttime!

Having a lovely camera has been a saving grace for me. Given me a way to see the world through eyes that seek the beauty. And lately my eyes are tuned in to things of a feather. There are so many amazing birds to sight just from my own kitchen window!

Finchy came for tea
Gorgeous Boy!
Cute Sparrows Abound!

And if I want to go further, I can head a few blocks in one direction over to a creek where a crew of redwinged blackbirds flit about, or I can follow robins which ever way they please to go.

P1060994 P1060972 P1060010 P1070199 P1070218 P1070355 P1070441 P1070444

Now I am becoming a bit obsessed, but it is a healthy obsession. It makes me happy, or at least makes me excited. And it drives me to learn new things.

Like for instance, is this a redtailed hawk or a redshouldered hawk?

P1070549 P1070501 P1070498 P1070601

Everytime I think I get it figured out, I second guess myself. Some of the pictures I have used to identify it as a redtailed hawk, they don’t have yellow beaks. But then in some they do! And I know that the hawks I have seen circling the river area are not exactly the same as the one I saw outside my balcony today!

P1060216 P1060226

P1070549 P1070506

Anyway there is a family or a community or clan of hawks that apparently live on the rooftops of our building! So while the boy kicks ball with the neighbourhood kids, I am wandering around the perimiters, eyes to the sky, snapping away. It makes me happy anyway.

So now whenever we go outside, my son has his soccer ball under one arm, and I my camera. And he has to tell me sometimes to focus, else I walk into a post or tree while I am staring at the trees trying to place the bird for the call!

P1060573 P1070056 P1070391P1070373

I have a couple of missions. To capture birds in flight on film, and to get closer to those flighty redwinged black birds that hang out by the park. They love to tease and laugh at me they do! But I will get them yet!


And in the mean time I am having a laugh and the natural world is laughing with me. Or telling me to take my camera and stuff it!