Pets a Plenty, In Theory

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Menagerie.”

We grew up in a house of pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and random wild reptiles that were kept in a trunk outside the door. Because our poor mum could only tolerate so many fresh caught snakes being brought in doors! My sister collected dirt toads, my brother snakes. I collected the fur off our huskies, happily brushing through their thick greasy soft coats while I watched my younger siblings shimmy up trees and scurry over rock faces. We had a pet graveyard in nearly everywhere we lived. When we moved from one home to another, we wailed and begged until we convinced our dad to dig up our cat and move it to be buried at our latest new home. (I wonder if he actually did it?)

Through most of those days we had 2 dogs, huskies, who were like our big and younger kid brothers. Our loves, our protectors. My sister learned to walk by holding on to one of their tails. I was a scrawny kid able to walk 2 large energetic dogs and only on occasion did I get pulled through the brush in fast flying pursuit of a rabbit! I still tear up when I think of saying goodbye to them, and that was about 24 years ago. And the cat I had for nearly 14 years lives in my heart still. Sometimes I feel like she could travel between the realms to comfort me.

Lately I have been thinking how much good it would do our hearts to have a dog. Maybe a rescue, but to be honest I have hesitations. I would really need to know that a rescue dog was going to be calm and safe around my rowdy 7 year old! Anyway I keep saying One Day, because right now my funds and energies need to go towards keeping us fed and entertained. But oh I would love a dog! Or even a cat. A few goldfish even. But I really don’t want to deal with litter boxes, or stinky cages or gravel and tanks to clean.

Am I then a grumpy mother who won’t let her child have a pet? I don’t think so, I just think that right now we are not in the best place for it. In fact if you asked him, he would probably say No Thanks! But One Day, one day! In the mean time, I keep having dreams about animals. One the other night about that big old huskie who was my truest BFF. And last night I had a dream that I rescued a little black kitten. I think I need someone new to nurture and love up! But not just yet. Unless someone were to Give us a pet, in which case I would be open to the idea 😀