Charm for a Moment

You know that look you get on your face when you are walking towards someone you know? Someone you love? Someone you are happy to see?! Maybe even someone you are meeting up with? Someone all of the above, heading your way? That glowing ‘’im so happy to see you I could skip and run into your arms and hug you’ face?

What do you do when that person is a stranger? When you look up and see a friendly face coming your way with a look in his eye and a smile on so wide that it speaks to him being happy to see you?! That makes him seem almost familiar? Do you look away for a minute, down, over at a sign and then up again as you approach each other, to see if you were right? And when you see his great big happy smiling face looking at you, do you look into his eyes and smile back? And then do you pick up speed as you keep walking by, but turn to look about 12 steps away and catch him looking back too? Then what do you do? Do you quickly look back in the direction you are walking, and maybe even pick up more speed, conscious of the possibility that he could still catch up with you? Do you 2nd guess yourself, “maybe he is a crazy person? Or MAYBE you are charming?!” And do you reach your destination (a bus stop about 2 blocks on) and stand for a second catching your breath, a cute excited smile on your face while you lean forward to see if he is still there? Do you smile after his receding read sweater and then turn your song back to the beginning and bask in the happy glow of a moment?

What else could a person possibly do?!