Red Robin Heart

It is important to remember that we all deserve happiness. Even when times are tough, or probably especially when times are tough, it is vital to remember that we have the right to enjoy our lives.

This week I have been giving my day a positive start with intention and affirmation. First thing, before the door opens and the day and I meet, I have stretched into the morning and said something positive to myself. An affirmation. A goal. A reminder. A motto. A statement. Today will be a good day. Good things will happen today. Today I will be good to myself.

And every night I have reflected back on how right I was. Positive focus.

P1070228Yesterday I walked both ways to an appointment. I didn’t need to. I had bus tickets in my pocket. But I felt like I needed to really work for what was happening. And I might need those bus tickets more another day. It was somewhat cold. There was a sprinkling of snow on the ground. But I was dressed for it. (Well, lesson learned – my fabulous new snow boots were not quite right for an hour walk each way…) And it allowed me to feel like I was doing a good thing for myself. I could walk and listen to music and watch birds and smile and feel good. Enjoy.

Many companions on my walk

Because whatever is expected of us, whatever tasks and responsibilities and cares are heaped upon our shoulders, we have the right to face it happy. We deserve happiness!

Today I am tired. Sore even. And it is Friday. A last chance for peace and aloneness before the weekend is upon me. Today I have a list of things I need to accomplish that are all part of the forward moving, sustain us, plan. But I also have to remember to be good to myself. Not wear myself down trying to stay above. A little self care is in order. A soul spritz.

Don’t forget yourself.


Don’t forget that whatever surrounds you or comes your way, you deserve comfort and happiness. So puff out that robin red heart of yours and find the warmth that is loving yourself!