Affirmative Affirmations

This week’s mission is to Celebrate every little good thing, as if it were a gift from the universe. To wake up and say “Today is going to be a good day” and to believe it. So, does the awareness bring about the good things? Or does the awareness just create, well, awareness, focus, spotlighting all the good things that are around me? If I had decided to ride with the bad news of Monday by curling up into a miserable ball and letting myself believe life was terrible, that would be all I could see. But I can’t do that. I am a Mama Lion, worn and patchy in some places, but still lean and mean if she has to be. So I am looking at world around me with eyes keen for the prize. I am open to the gifts of life, and I am going to immerse myself in gratitude. Good things are going to happen today.

And so far, so good.

Hopeful Sprout

Snow in April means I get to wear fun scarves tied around myself. The great thing about the cultural diversity of the city I now live in, is that no one looks at me funny for being one in a flock of women with scarves tied around her head!

Yesterdays great news was that my son has been referred to a children’s camp this summer, a week for free! This is an opportunity I had not even dreamed of! We are both already very excited!

Today I was determined to get the camp forms in the mail, so we will be counted early in the first come first serve. I pulled out my stationery box, and found an envelope. But not just any envelope. A special envelope. An envelope with a stamp already on it. An envelope I forgot was there. An envelope I have had with me through moves and triumphs for years! A while back, yes, years ago, I had gotten a letter in the mail. And the stamp on said letter was completely unmarked. So I had moved it to the little white envelope. You know, for later use, the right moment? Fun… Today I took it to a postal outlet and asked if I would need to add to the stamp, as it has been a long time since I mailed anything and I am not sure how much it even costs. Turns out the stamp covered the forms! So that form for that camp is in the mail today, thanks to someone who sent me something years ago. WIN!

These little happenings are gifts. They are functional gifts, because they are helping us get things done. But they are also little boosts. Reminders that everything I need will come exactly when I need it. And boy do I need it!

Today I am grateful for the little gifts, and for the eyes to see these gifts, and for the heart to appreciate these gifts. Today I am open to whatever the universe thinks I need!