Thrifty Momma Makin Muffins

Coconut Chocolate Chip Muffins

This Mumma is trying to be more thrifty. I am pretty good about what I spend my meager monies on. I don’t read flyers, I don’t clip coupons. I think I have an innate eye for the best deal. Something I learned from my mother. Just keep your eyes open, know what you are shopping for, and look for the cheapest version of what you need.

The other day at the grocery store, this guy and I both reached for a cheap can of tomato paste. (This is not a love story, although that might make the good beginnings to a sitcom script – noted for job searching later…) As we turned to put the cans in our baskets (script for late night bad dramas?!) we both noticed that a better version of the same stuff was on sale for less. We both put our cans back and reached for the cheaper but better brand item. Both checked the expiry date and laughed together. (Back to sitcom?!) Why was the good stuff on cheaper? Was it in fact the good stuff at all?! That paste is still in my cupboard by the way. I wonder what he did with his?!

And….. I digress. Where am I taking this? You don’t need to be a coupon cutter to save money. Well, you Can be. But it isn’t my way. I am, however, trying to adjust my spending habits. Most of my grocery bill goes towards lunch box supplies. School friendly snacks. He gets a packaged bear paw or granola bar in his lunch kit for snack time, along with fruit and yogurt. He gets a sandwich and cheese, or cheese and crackers, or his favourite – chocolate cream cheese flat wrap rolls –  for lunch. He is pretty happy with this, although he doesn’t really enjoy that he doesn’t get sweets and treats like some of his classmates. And he is curious about the kids who bring naan bread or lentil soup.

To cut costs on lunches, I am trying to steer away from the prepackaged snacks. Like the bear paws and cereal bars. So today’s adventures in baking lead me to look for a School Friendly Muffin Mix – basically Nut free and still enticing to a 7 year old! At home everything has nuts in it. Which means his friends with allergies can never come over as our air and doorknobs are toxic (script for children’s Hallowe’en special?!) Of course first I went to poke around in my cupboards and decide what I have for ingredients… and I went from there.

1 can of coconut milk and a fresh baggie of dark chocolate chips. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?! It smells like heaven right now.

I am writing this while the muffins are in the oven. I have peeked once, and I notice they aren’t rising as well as I wish. Could be because I had resourced an old recipe that called only for baking powder and not soda. But baking powder is a combination of stuffs including soda, isn’t it?! So, patience my friends…

I will post the recipe with pics shortly. And we can decide together if this was a good idea or not!

I do know that sending home made goodies in a lunch box is way healthier for the kiddos, and the environment, and since I have the ingredients around and the bank account thinks I should stay home today and not over spend on prewrapped tummy fillers, I think I am on the right track!