Sunshine and Soccer Balls

P1070117Don’t worry you guys, I haven’t been swallowed up by a giant vat of cookie dough or anything like that! Far from it! My absence from domesticity is due to the sudden jump in good weather!

All of this warm sunshine and the sudden influx of baby mosquitos makes it hard to believe it snowed on easter weekend! Today it was in the +20 celsius’ again! And that means we are Outside more than In! Bonding with the neighbourhood.

A good strategy for luring your friends out to play, is to hangout at the end of the field that is in front of your bestie’s balcony, thus letting him know you are outside. This is new to us!

We have discovered a great strategy for sunny saturdays. Armed with a backpack full of necessities, (book, camera, water bottles, snacks –  overdone I know, you should have seen my diaper bags!) and a soccer ball under one arm, we emerge ready for some serious fun in the sun.

First a good round of kick ball with your Mum, you in goal and her making clumsy attempts to actually kick the ball in your direction. Soon you will hear a call from one of your classmates, and they will descend to take over for the awkward kicker that is your mother. She will gladly find a bench or patch of grass to sit on, and will lose herself in bird watching and in the pages of her book, while you lose yourself in the joys of boyhood!


I have picked up on something else. I think there is a “first parent on the field is only parent on the field” rule, at least if your children are 7 and up. The kids my son has been meeting up with live in the apartment complex just behind the school, (see above picture of kickball) while we are in one diagonally beside it. Most of their balconies face the field. So it is probably easier for them to send their kids outside, and still be able to keep an eye on them from home. At least I assume. And most of them have relatives also out and about in the area. Teenaged brothers, kid cousins, aunts and neighbours. It isn’t long before they turn back inside, leaving me the only actual parent on site. Maybe this is common around here. The kids seem tougher, bolder, as do their parents.Maybe it is a throw back to the ways of the old countries. Ways I need to learn more about?

I wonder if they are watching for us to appear, alongside their eager kids! There she is! Go outside now! This is something I am used to. There were months in my teenaged years when I entertained an entire block’s worth of kids. As soon as it was apparent that I was actually sticking around on the lawn or back porch, and didn’t have a boyfriend loitering near by, kids were pushed out their front doors with hats, half eaten snacks and quick waves from desperate mothers. I apparently glow with responsibility. And I know their parents from waiting in the school yard at the afternoon bell. It’s all good. I’ll be the parent on site. I just find it amusing.

Go play, Mum will be right here, staring at the treetops…

I am rather glad that my son is of an age where he actually wants to be further than an arm’s length from me. He asked me today if I would hang back while he and his friends went to a further playground. (“Hey mUm? You don’t have to come all the way over to the climbing frame right? You can just stay here while we go play?)

My boy, in a matter of a weekend it seems, has found his wings, and figured out how to use them. Leaving me to sit in the sun reading while he plays grounders and shyly kicks balls towards girls. I didn’t even know he could climb a fence until today! So there is much to learn for us both! My, how a mother’s heart does sing to hear a chorus of her child’s name ring out as we come back outside for a 2nd round of air and sunshine!

All this air and exercise is doing wonders for the vitamin d levels and good nights of sleep. On that note, I am going to take a moment to say goodnight to the neighbourhood. The children are nearly all snuggled in their beds dreaming of sunny days ahead, and the parents are emerging onto their balconies to take in the silent stars. We will nod to each other, a quiet goodnight and see you tomorrow. I wonder who will be the first on the field!