Night Night Nighty Night

I have this really great flannel nightgown. I bought it when I was recently single, in celebration of having a bed to myself. But a cold cold bed. Hence the brand new, frilly wristed pink and grey flannel nightie. One at a time fellas, one at a time! I have had it for years now (the line up is slow building ok?!) and yet I have only worn it on a few occasions. Thing is, I am rather tall for a gal. Or apparently they didn’t figure to make this particular nighty longer than mid calf on a woman who measures in at 5 foot 10. And why is this something I am compelled to share with you all at this particular moment? Because my feet and half my legs are cold, Ok?! As much as our days are blazing with sunshine, the evenings are rather cool yet. Which didn’t stop me from sitting in front of my balcony with the door wide open for most of the evening. So I am a tad on the chilly side right now. Now being while I sit in my flannel nighty ruing the fact that it doesn’t cover half of my legs nor my toes, which I thought was the point of having a long nightgown! Ok Ok I should just go curl up in a fetal position inside the lengths of this delightful item of sleep wear, but I am disgruntled, Ok?! Maybe I will get my keen creative juices flowing some evening and add a portion of fabric to the bottom. Or maybe I will just go change into pants and socks and go to bed. Sweet dreams to you all and to all a good (warm toed) night!

End Rant