Making the Most of the Moments

It doesn’t take long to tune in to the signs and sights of spring around here! I’ve already got a keen sense of the prime times for balcony sitting.


First thing in the morning, either before the child wakes up, or after he is at school, just around 7 or 9 a.m. is a great time for a quiet fresh air and coffee moment. Definitely before the first recess bell. When the bell goes, it is a good time to head indoors and get some fresh coffee on. Those kids are as loud as sirens, 200 sirens, all being set free after a long hard winter! (I do enjoy taking a peek at my son, happy to see him being chased gladly by a gaggle of 7 year old girls…)

My favourite balcony moment happened around 330 one recent afternoon. It started to pour rain, was about 17 degrees out, and I sat out there playing with the boys chalk and listening to birds twitter excitedly. It was kind of heavenly. And of course one can’t play with colour for long before the eager young artist is drawn out to join me!


At night I wait for the helpful rottweiler on the first floor to let me know when the dumpster divers are about, so I can time my evening moments based on his mad barking! Usually when he gets going I know I have time to put kettle on, and do a bit of puttering before I can go out for some evening peace.


There are prime moments to be enjoyed, and I am accepting that I share this area with a goodly amount of other people. We might each be able to claim our little moment, and I am neighbourly enough to share. I am also hoping we will start to get to know each other, wave from across the spaces.

In the mean time, there is air to be enjoyed and plants that want happier homes. It is still cold at night, it was only 2 degrees this morning. So I am not leaving them to brave the elements just yet, but it is definitely a good time to get at the repotting! P1070007In a week or two the garden centres will start setting up and luring us all in, and I am so looking forward to that! But for now I continue to listen for the cues and make the most of the moments offered!