Sunday, That’s My Sundae Day

Before I start printing off Mother of the Year awards for myself, I think I had better come clean about a few things.

I strive to be damn good at what I do. I may not be a perfectionist but I have a personal style that is reflected in what I attempt. That being said, there are times when I have peaked or peeked at the image of madness in the mirror, and I need to just throw on a pot of mac and cheese and call it a day, night, weekend, whatever. This weekend that time followed what might become a tradition, or remedy, to be called upon in times of great need.) Sundaes for Sunday Dinner! O yes, that happened. (Probably what Should have happened was a declaration that Sunday was Mum’s day, followed by a click of the bathroom door and a running of the bath water… but many of my best ideas are after thoughts.)


Call it spring fever, or just an energy surge, but we were a restless pair this weekend! Probably because we are finally over our latest sinus cold, and last week the boy only went to school I think all of one day! So this Mama is pretty much on her frazzled last nerve. Saturday seemed to work pretty well, with visits to the local community centre, and bonding in the field behind the school. But today was like one fuss after another. Most caused by me. So in an attempt to free us from the sink hole that staying indoors can become, we took a jaunt outside and treated the neighbours to a show of a very clumsy round of frisbee (we come from less than graceful gene pools), and then we hit the park. We fight change, always have. But once we are freed from walls, we are instantly better.

P1060821I sat on the sidelines, watching children navigate language barriers in a game of what appeared to be grounders. I was overcome with a desire to continue the good feels that getting out doors and not having to wear 3 layers to do so had brought on. I saw it like a vision. Us eating ice cream on the balcony. After about three “10 minute” warnings, I was able to convince the boy child that what he really wanted to do was walk a longer way home so we could stop at the store. Somehow on the way, ice cream for dessert became Sundaes for Dinner.

He is right, they do look more like banana splits, but Sunday Sundaes sounds better.

I think the sudden influx of spring and outdoors time has overwhelmed us. We suddenly have a whole new world to explore, a new city. Being stuck indoors for the winter has been like a safety net. We have nested.  And suddenly the sun is shining, sweaters are being tossed aside (perhaps pre-emptively) and we are raring to go! But where? We are restless, we are full of new energy that we don’t quite know what to do with. We are eyeing the world from our 5th floor perch, and while our bodies are already in a state of forward momentum, our poor minds, cooped up from a hard winter, are spinning. Like cats introduced to a new green carpet, we are unsure of the exciting change in front of us. But oh we so badly want to swat at those pretty sun spots!

Sunday’s Sundaes were delicious. Afterwards we curled up and watched a bunch of tv, and when hunger hit again I rallied and made that mac and cheese. Then we played a never ending game of Crazy 8s that drove us nearly back to the brink of crazy, at which point I declared it time to call it a night. Or day. Or weekend.

But at least when we said our goodnights, we were able to name some good times had. That right there means success to me! Maybe even worth a certificate, or a celebration anyway.