Sunday Sundaes

Sunday Sundaes


I feel bad for holding out on you! What kind of sister of the sisterhood am I, keeping the directions for making Sunday Afternoon Sundaes from you?! For Shame! Well! I will let you down no longer!

I think a little bit of a desire for rescue is necessary, to give these a festive feel. Preferably a warm balcony, although a 5 pm afternoon shade will do.


  • Take detour on way home from park, to store to pick up ice cream. On way decide that dessert should become dinner, in which case a few more ingredients are probably a good idea. Make it more than just ice cream for supper, you know?
  • Pick up tub of french vanilla ice cream, a tin of peanuts, and some chocolate milk. The milk is because you couldn’t be bothered to walk around the store looking for whipped cream, so you figured it would suffice as distraction.

At Home;

  • Break remainders of a hollow easter bunny or generous handful of easter eggs up in a bowl. Microwave for about 25 seconds, so nice and gooey. (You don’t need to give it long, that chocolate is usually kind of soft. It also hardens right away again on the ice cream, so it is quite novel.)
  • Scoop ice cream into pretty bowls. scrape the melted easter chocolate over ice cream with a baking scraper.
  • crush peanuts in a garlic press and shake over bowls. also crush more easter chocolate and sprinkle over ice cream.
  • slice bananas into bowls
  • serve with a sweet sunday smile and chocolate milk on the side

This is definitely top of the list for good memories on new balcony. I foresee a summer of delicious Sunday Sundaes ahead, even if he says they look more like banana splits …