Balcony Season

It is balcony time! WOoooo!

It might be only 9 degrees celsius out there but we are revelling in it! Our head colds feel a bit better too. Set up a little table and some chairs this morning, and we are ready for the sunshine!P1060655P1060749

I have plans and ideas for our balcony, looking forward to joining the neighbourhood in hanging laundry outside to dry, and growing edibles. But for the time being it is enough for us to be able to get outside, to spring with the season. Like butterflies emerging from our cocoons, the entire neighbourhood seems to have turned into a community centre in a matter of days. We are new, we step slowly, dipped our toes in the social circle that is the school yard this afternoon. And look forward to many mornings greeting the day and remembering what it is to feel air on our faces! Get out the chalk and binoculars! It is balcony season!

P1060652 P1060648