Cheesy Corn Cakes Comin At Ya!

Cottage Cheese Corn Cakes

tasty cheesy corn cakes, a child’s dream come true

After days and days of being couch bound, living off chicken soup and squash muffins, we are starting to feel like our more energetic selves again (well one of us is… the other is ready to crawl into her bed for a few days… ). And we are carb starved and craving cheese please!

So I reached back into my memory bank of comfort foods that leave us feeling heavy and stuffed. And like a beacon they shone in my mind’s eye. Corn cakes. Which are much like a corn fritter but slightly less on the deep of the fry side. Did I have everything I needed to recreate what at some points in time were a staple in my diet? Could I recall the recipe? Could I muster the energy to pull these babies out of the air like the magical magician I am?! After a cup of tea… sure! (I honestly do get this excited sometimes.)

I remember years where my sister and I lived together and woke up hung over and craving panfried somethings. Corn Cakes were our Thing! You really can’t mess these up if you have a few basic ingredients. When the hangover days were well over, and my son was starting to hold his own food, I again got into the womanly arts of cakes in a pan. And what pleases a child more than cheese? Or rather almost as much as a piece of cheese in his paw? Apparently cheesy corn cakes!

This is sort of a pantry meal, and not really an entire meal at all, although today it is. The way I make them for him is as close as I can get to adding flavour and spice to life, without being busted by my Mister “I like my food starchy or plainer”, with bacon on the side. (Bacon bits would actually be really good in these! )

The following recipe is a tossed together idea, to use what is around, and try to at least nod in the general direction of a traditional fritter recipe… I would suggest making a fantastic salsa or chipotle sauce for the topping, or even some ketchup. We weren’t That well prepared but are satisfied anyway.

 To Make The Cheesy Corn Cakes

In a large bowl, mix together;

  •  ½ cup whole wheat flour
  • ½ cup white all purpose flour
  • ¼ cup corn meal (plus more to keep on hand in case you end up with batter that wants a bit more dry)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • A pinch of baking soda (I am not sure why, it just seemed like the right idea)
  • ¾ cup give or take, grated cheese (I vote cheddar…)
  • Shake of garlic powder
  • If you have some parmesan on hand you could shake some in here, make it Really cheesy and tasty!
  • (if you are cooking for grownups or children with numb taste buds you could also add some Hungarian paprika or hot pepper flakes…)
  • Dried dill is yummy too.
  • Once you mix all dry ingredients,add a cup of corn, tossing to coat. If you only have frozen on hand, you can have them in a strainer with cool water running over them while you mix the dry, they will be thawed enough by now, unless you really didn’t read this until you were actually mixing them, in which case you can start thawing them now, it will be ok to add them in a minute.)

 Here is where I stopped for a tic to decide what pan to use. I decided not too oily since we were on a soup diet for most of the week. So I used a non stick pan with a bit of oil for each round of cakes. I also put the oven to 200F to keep them warm as I go, like with pancakes.

Heat pan on medium-high. It should only take another minute to mix the rest, or 5 if you are distractible. The beeping of the oven telling me it was at the right temp was a good draw back to what I was doing.

 In another bowl, beat 2 small eggs, or 1 massive egg, with ½ cup milk, and ½ a cup of cottage cheese. Here you can also add your favourite hot sauce if you aren’t feeding children or people with sensitive mouths.

Whisk all this together. Then add it to the dry, and stir with a wooden spoon. You want it about the consistency of wet muffin batter.

 I dropped them into the oil/pan with a little melon baller I use for baking. I flipped them after about 3 minutes, and flattened them a bit then with the spatula. Gave them another 3 minutes or so, flipped again, after about another minute I put them in the oven in a friendly baking dish to stay warm while I flipped around with the rest of the flipping fritters!

how he takes them, tasty on a plate, as is, warm and delicious

I am sure there are people with better ideas and methods than I, but that is why I am just a humble woman writing a story here. Anyway the verdict was that they were delicious. He loves that he can cut them into strips and eat them with his hands. I love that I can fill myself on them and feel like at least they have lots of protein while listening to my son exclaim how amazing I am!